Sunday, August 8, 2010

List of banknotes for swap

Before you decide to exchange with me please read the welcome message 1st. To read my welcome message Please Click Here
For all collectors who are interested in exchanging banknotes with me, here are my tentative doubles list:

2008 Zeti RM50 50 years independence commemorative notes AA prefix UNC

2000 Zeti RM1 serial numbers NY 2108001-10 Fresh UNC FV

2000 Zeti RM1 serial numbers NY2108011, 111,211,311-911(10pcs) last 2 digits same Fresh UNC FV

1996 Ahmad Don RM2 (no longer issued but still legal tender) Original AUNC, slight foxing and counting marks MV
Serial numbers: BK7364502-03 , BK7364534-35, BK7364538-40

1996 Ahmad Don RM2 (no longer issued but still legal tender) Original GEF, light middle fold slight foxing and counting marks MV
Serial numbers: BL6326851-52

1996 Ahmad Don RM2 (no longer issued but still legal tender) Original EF, middle fold, foxing and counting marks. MV
Serial numbers: BR8825402
1985 Jafar $1 serial numbers HH9827111-20 Fresh UNC

1943-45 WWII Japanese Invasion Money $1 Prefix MO without serial number Original UNC

1943-45 WWII Japanese Invasion Money $5 without serial number VF

1943-45 WWII Japanese Invasion Money $10 without serial number VF
I will update more on the doubles I have for exchange in due time.. Please come back for more.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Welcome Message for Exchange or Swap

Dear Collectors,

Exchanging collectibles has always been one of the cheapest way of improving our collections. I have been collecting

a) Local banknotes (Malaysia, Malaya, Malaya and British Borneo, Straits Settlement, Sarawak, and British North Borneo) since 2005;
b) Local stamps and coins since 2008;
c) Postcards since 2010.

Whilst my collection is still a far cry from being a good collection, I have decided to start venturing into collecting world banknotes, coins, and other collectibles. I have created a few blogs to share my collections in my Malaysian banknotes, coins (rolling out to you guys soon) and other collectibles.

Since creating my collection blogs, I have also successfully exchanged my banknotes and coins with a few trustworthy collectors around the world whom I had the opportunity to come across and to them I would like to say…thank you all, you all make my days…..

I welcome any collectors to contact me for a possible exchange deal in a swap in banknotes/coins/postcards (for the moment stamps are not included) only, however it is not always that I will accept your offers due to one or more of the following reasons; -

a) I already have the collectibles or have arranged to get them from another collector;

b) I am not looking for such collectibles; or

c) The amount of the swap proposed is too small due to high postage cost via registered mail; or

d) The collectibles offered are in a condition that I would not tolerate/accept.

I expect scanned photos of the collectibles from your behalf to be sent to my email address, as I will always send my scanned photos in acceptable resolutions to my potential swapping partners. I will provide scanned photos of higher resolutions if requested.

For swapping of banknotes/coins

In most cases, I find collectors only willing to exchange notes/coins of their own country and in return looking for uncirculated banknotes/coins around the world. I am sorry to say that I don’t operate this way. If you are offering your local national banknotes/coins, then be prepared to accept banknotes/coins from my own country too.

Here are some of my rules of exchanging that you should have in mind: -

1) I am primarily interested in banknotes/coins of any countries;

2) If you are only offering your country’s banknotes/coins, then please be prepared to accept banknotes/coins of my country Malaysia only too;

3) In some cases I may be willing to allow whatever notes/coins you desire from my list but if there is a shortfall in your favour, then I expect the balance to be covered with Malaysian banknotes/coins;

4) All my notes/coins, both Malaysian and foreign, are offered at face value unless otherwise stated. I expect you to do the same too. I generally do not exchange my notes/coins based on catalogue value;

5) I am interested in current and previous issues of banknotes/coins. If you are willing to offer previous issue of notes/coins at face value, I definitely welcome that;

6) For current issues of banknotes, they must be in uncirculated condition, such as free from any folds, teller flicks, creases, marks, and more importantly it has nice and sharp corners and clear embossments;

8) If you are asking for an exchange of previous issue of Malaysian banknotes, I understand that it is sometimes difficult to get uncirculated condition. So I do accept previous issues banknotes with EF or better conditions. In return, be prepared to accept the same condition banknotes from me as well.

10) For exchange of coins, I accept circulated coins. In return, please expect the same from me.

11) Please be honest with the condition of your notes/coins. I will reserve the right to return your notes/coins if there are not what it was described in the first place. Any minor defect on the notes/coins should be mentioned upfront before posting them out to me. You can do the same to me if I have breached this understanding;

12) Due to high cost of postage, and if possible, I would like to get your notes/coins in full set, provided the total amount is not too expensive;

I usually post my collectibles to you via registered mail. However if the amount involved is small, then I will post them out to you via normal air mail. I will let you to decide on this before concluding our agreement.

For direct swap of Postcards
1) Please do not send me any advert postcards. I prefer single view scenic postcards or animals postcards but others are welcomed. Who knows you may create a new desired category for me.

2) You can choose to send it in a cover or normal postage. I on the other hand, will always send my postcard without cover.

3) Please email your name and address to
my email address

Finally, if we can’t come to an agreement, please don’t get disappointed, after all it takes two to tango. More importantly we can still be friends.

Please feel free to contact me for a chat if you have any notes/coins to offer me.


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